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Cinema Series - BOMBER FULL SET - Limited Show Special Offer

Cinema Series - BOMBER FULL SET - Limited Show Special Offer

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Cinema Series - BOMBER FULL SET - Limited Show Special Offer

NOTE: Coupons, Codes or Membership Discounts do not apply to this special low priced bundle!

This Adobe Photoshop template set is completely customizable (Layered Tiff Format).
All of the elements can be edited, disabled and adjusted to give you the flexibility to create your final custom artwork.  High resolution for high-quality printing posters and banners! Also, because this template is in layers it allows you to adjust the file to different ratios so you can print at any size just by moving around the elements to fit within your new canvas ratio!

• Layered Tiff Adobe Photoshop Files*
• 300 DPI
• Multiple Layers & Color Changing
• All Text Is Editable 

• 2:3 Ratio Individual Vertical Design - (20x30 Canvas @300dpi)
• 4:5 Ratio Individual & Team Horizontal Design - (16x20 Canvas @300dpi)
• 4:5 Ratio Individual & Team Vertical Design - (16x20 Canvas @300dpi)

• 4:5 Ratio Team Design - (16x20 Canvas @300dpi)
• 1:3 Ratio Team Panoramic Design - (12x36 Canvas @300dpi)
• 1:3 Ratio Team & Individual Panoramic Design - (12x36 Canvas @300dpi)
• 12"x30" Player Wall Banner Design - (12x30 Canvas @300dpi)
• 4'x8' Team Field Banner Design - (4'x8' Canvas @150dpi)
• 4:5 Ratio Team Sponsor Plaque Design - (16x20 Canvas @300dpi)
• 2.5"x3.5" Trading Card Design (Front & Back - (2.5x3.5 Canvas @300dpi)


Note: This product requires either Adobe Photoshop CS4+ or Adobe Elements (11 or newer to have full functionality of the layer styles)

*Layered Tiff Files work just like PSD Files. Just open in Photoshop or Elements and you are good to go!

NOTE: Any Player Images or Team Logos are not included with the template. They are only shown here on the website as a demo. Photo Solutions takes no responsibility for use of this sample image if it is used without our permission.

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