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Posing Footprints - 3 PACK TEMPLATE BUNDLE

Posing Footprints - 3 PACK TEMPLATE BUNDLE

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Posing Footprints - 3 PACK TEMPLATE BUNDLE

NOTE: Coupons, Codes or Membership Discounts do not apply to this special low priced bundle!

If you are using a HiLite, Lastolite, Green Screen or Blue Screen to take your photos of players full length then you need this product!

NOTE: Not for use with metal spiked shoes or skates as they will poke holes in the material. 

This specially designed floor decal has been endorsed by some of the leading graphics services that deal with HiLight (Lastolite) extractions!

• NEXT GEN Approved & Endorsed
• Rebooku Approved & Endorsed
• SERVO Approved & Endorsed
• DDLAB Approved & Endorsed
• Pixnub Approved & Endorsed

THIS IS NOT FOR THE ENTIRE TRAIN...Just the 2'x2' Laminated Adhesive Graphic to apply to the train. 

To order your physical product go to and select the Adhesive "Footprints" product.  Then upload your graphic to order.

The issue with other methods or products is that they leave behind tape marks, colored footprints or complete mats on the ground that can't be easily removed when extracting your subjects.

NOT WITH THIS PRODUCT!  We have done extensive research and testing to make sure that when you use this floor mat correctly on the Lastolite train it leaves a clean and easy to extract image every time!

In this package, you get the graphics for the 2'x2' floor mat with specifically placed footprints for 3 poses (Left Turn, Center, Right turn) in a digital file so you can easily order them from Signs365!

Application is easy!  Simply peel off the backing and stick directly to the train where your subjects should stand.  This durable laminated vinyl material is flexible and easy to roll up without having to remove it from the train!

Package Contents:
3 - Adobe Photoshop Layered Tif File (works just like a PSD)

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