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High School Sports Playbook - Ultimate High School Sports Marketing Templates

High School Sports Playbook - Ultimate High School Sports Marketing Templates

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Be prepared to blow away your board and your competitors!

This 12 page photo day playbook is designed for the youth league market to show them everything you can do for them and is a vital marketing piece to have in your presentation.   This product is designed to be printed as an 11x17 2 page spread press book and because it's all in Photoshop files you have the versatility to adapt it to your company brand!   You can change the colors, the branding, text, and photos on every page in this powerful playbook.

If you bring this to your next board meeting you are sure to get their attention!

This playbook can be printed by DDLab

Product Details:
1 Front Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)
1 Back Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)
10 Inside Pages (layered Tiff Photoshop Files)

This entire template set is setup as Photoshop files so that you can brand it to be your own, change colors, text, and images.



Note: This product requires either Adobe Photoshop CS4+ or Adobe Elements (11 or newer to have full functionality of the layer styles)

*Layered Tiff Files work just like PSD Files. Just open in Photoshop or Elements and you are good to go!

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