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2020 - Women's Cut & Sew Legging Design Catalog

2020 - Women's Cut & Sew Legging Design Catalog

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2020 - Women's Cut & Sew Legging Catalog 

When your team asks you what designs you have to offer you need to be ready! With this 16 page catalog, you are ready to show them all of the designs you have and they can select the design they want that day! In this catalog, you will have pages that show the Women's Cut & Sew Legging designs available from  These new designs are for the new Cut & Sew Women's Cut Leggings from

Product Contents:

(1) Front Cover
(14) Inside Pages
(1) Back Cover


Note: This product requires either Adobe Photoshop CS4+ or Adobe Elements (11 or newer to have full functionality of the layer styles)

*Layered Tiff Files work just like PSD Files. Just open in Photoshop or Elements and you are good to go!

*Note: The actual templates shown on the pages are not included in the contents of the catalog. The images shown on the pages are included, just not the actual templates for those designs. If you need to purchase these designs please go to the Extreme Leggings Template section on PSMGraphix.

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Additional Notes:

*Layered Tiff Files work just like PSD Files. Just open in Photoshop or Elements and you are good to go!

NOTE: Any Player Images or Team Logos are not included with the template. They are only shown here on the website as a demo. Photo Solutions takes no responsibility for the use of this sample image if it is used without our permission.


MGoPrint is not a Photo Solutions Market company. 
We have a special partnership with them which allows them to produce samples using our stock sample artwork. They are a print on demand company so you will need to provide artwork for anything you order with them. They will not do the design work for you nor do they supply our templates other than in their sample shirt store.  We do not provide customer service for MGoPrint.

MGoPrint Production & Shipping Times
Standard Production time is 5 Business days (Not counting weekends and holidays) Depending on what shipping method you select you can expect your orders to be to you anywhere from 7-14 Business days (Depending on your location)

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