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Edge Membership - How to convert old membership
If you were part of the old Photo Solutions Market EDGE Membership please check out these instructions on what to do now that we have updated our website with new membership programs!

The EDGE Membership Has Changed!
When we launched the New Photo Solutions Market website we moved all of the templates to a brand new website called PSMGraphix.com.  At the same time, we also launched the New PSUEducation.com website.  Because these two new websites are no longer on the same platform as before we had to sever the ties of the EDGE membership as you know it before.
Because we have started fresh, and because most everyone who was signed up for the EDGE membership was in it for the discounts at Photo Solutions Market we have created a new membership platform.  Now you have the option of 3 new and exciting membership levels!

If you did not register for a new account before December 1st your membership was automatically canceled and will not be billed for your old account. However, if you want to continue to get discounts here on PSMGraphix.com you will want to subscribe to one of the new MemberZone programs!
To request that your old store credits be transferred to your new account please email your request to shaun@psmgraphix.com and make sure to include your full name on your account along with the email address on your new account (and if it is different, the email from your old account)